A place where REAL networking takes place with likeminded businessmen and women from a variety of different backgrounds. 


No strict membership rules. 

No pricey membership fees. 

No flash protocols/procedures.

Just a good bunch of people who are invested in making new relationships which lead to more business for each other through referrals/connections.

The traditional meaning of networking is an exchanging of information between people or groups who have a common interest.  Our common interest is that we all want to do more business with others.  

Having a well-established network is fast becoming a part of daily life.  Building on your own personal friendships and connections is actually a form of networking - so for those who think they "cannot' network - the answer is, you already DO !!

We are a group of people who are passionate about making good business connections, helping each other, sharing information and connecting people. 

Being involved with a good network is a great way to expand your own knowledge of other businesses.  It can help your own business flourish as you encourage new opportunities and seek to help those around you. 

If you share these values, come along and give us a try.  We are based in a very central venue with ample free car parking, great food and great service.  What a good way to start your day. 

Hope to see you across a great breakfast or brunch soon !